Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets highlight what the EU hopes to obtain from the negotiations but also it highlights the areas which have the most to gain from TTIP. The Fact Sheets also debunk some of the myths that are circulating the negotiations.

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Negotiating Documents

Negotiating Documents are the European Union's initial proposals for legal text on topics in TTIP.  They are tabled for discussion with the US in negotiating rounds.  The actual text in the final agreement will be a result of negotiations between the EU and US.

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Studies & Reports

Studies and Reports are investigations conducted by National Governments, EU Institutions, Think Tanks and other external organisations. These reports elaborate on key issues and the benefits of TTIP.

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Position Papers

Position Papers set out and describe the European Union's general approach on topic in the TTIP negotiations.  They are tabled for discussion with the US in negotiating rounds.

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Communications cover any speech, letter or transcript of communication between stakeholders that are noteworthy.

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Videos cover any press conference or speech made by individuals or groups, they also include motion graphics and explanatory videos.

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